<strong>A New Way To Grow And Preserve Your Money</strong>

A New Way To Grow And Preserve Your Money

"Helping people avoid making mistakes with their money....that's why I became a financial advisor and as a fiduciary it's at the center of everything I do."

-Drew Stotler, A.A.M.S. ®

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Invest Smarter. Save on Taxes. Get Organized.  If that's what you're looking for, YOU'RE IN THE RIGHT SPOT!

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A Focus on Financial Planning and Family Values

Many firms are only able to help you if you have a bag of money to shift to them to be managed. That leaves a lot of people out...especially if all your money is tied up in a plan at work.

But our clients have access to financial advice when they need it and proactive contact to keep them aligned (AKA your accountability partner), and I do all that without you having to turn over your assets (but you can do that too if you want).

My emphasis is on FINANCIAL PLANNING and investment management is baked into my process. This way, more people can access and benefit from our advice and guidance. (Even your adult children through our subscription pricing model!)

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What is Wealth Management?

There’s some mystique as to what wealth or wealth management is. Wealth management can mean different things to different people.

I believe wealth management means using a consultative approach to identify your most important goals, then developing strategies using money and other financial instruments as a tool to achieve those goals.

Simple enough, right? Well, to put it simply: I help people avoid making mistakes with their money.

Here’s how I think about wealth management:

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Radical Transparency

Don't pay for things you don't need, but do make sure you're fully addressing your financial picture. Cash flow, debt, financing, retirement planning, insurance evaluation...if its got a dollar sign I can probably help you with it. 

I believe this industry has failed a lot of you, but that's about to change now that you're here.

I'm here to deliver. It's my mission to help young and retiring families achieve financial confidence using my 4-Step process for organizing, preserving, protecting, and transferring wealth.

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<strong>My Early Lesson About Money</strong>

My Early Lesson About Money

Money is a powerful tool if used wisely. When I was 13, my dad was shot in the head by an intruder that broke into his house. Somehow he lived, but he wasn't able to return to work and he did not qualify for disability. He had to start surviving on his nest egg IN HIS 40's!

I learned at a young age how short and unpredictable life can be, but that you could use money as a tool to plan for the unexpected, while also pursuing your most important goals. 

Over nearly two decades of experience in financial services, I've evolved and adapted a process that puts all of the pieces of the financial puzzle together. 

I call it Dynamic Foundational Financial Planning, and it's a new way to pursue financial confidence.

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Just A Couple of Our Most Popular Packages

<strong>Starter Plans</strong>

Starter Plans

We've got several options if you're younger and just starting out on your financial planning journey. It pays to start early so that you can make minor adjustments over time instead of big, sweeping changes. 

Great for those:

  • Young families that are just starting out
  • Want to follow a process to build wealth
  • Don't have a lot of complexity just yet
  • Prefer to pay monthly or quarterly subscription style fee
  • Need help with debt, budgeting, investing, college savings, etc.
  • Great for business owners and families
  • Costs vary based on what you need, please inquire below
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<strong>Advanced Plans</strong>

Advanced Plans

If you've already built your wealth, and you're ready to either delegate the management of it or you want to hire a trusted parter to help you preserve your wealth, we've got several options. 

Great for those:

  • Are approaching retirement or recently retired
  • Need to consolidate accounts and get organized
  • Have complex needs like estate planning, income planning, etc.
  • Prefer to delegate and automate some of their financial life
  • Are ready to stop doing it alone
  • Great for business owners and families
  • Costs vary based on what you need, please inquire below
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Who I Serve

My clients prefer to simplify their financial lives so they can spend more time doing things they love.

My goal is to help clients get more time back by organizing their financial affairs and using a planning process that addresses their needs and goals in a holistic and panoramic way to pursue financial confidence.

I can help people from all walks of life, but typically these kinds of people find the most value from my services.

<strong>Young <br />Professionals</strong>


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<b>Established <br />Entrepreneurs</b>


Meet Rachel
<b>In or Nearing <br />Retirement</b>

In or Nearing

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Dynamic Foundational Financial Planning

We start with your distinct situation and work from there. Your financial plan is customized based on where you are now and what you want for the future.

If you don't act now, I can't guarantee there will be room. We currently have a few openings this quarter. Let's see if it's a good fit.

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What to Expect

When you become a client, we get a lot done quickly. But it doesn’t end there. I’m continually reviewing your plan to make sure you’re covered now and in the future.

This timeline serves as an example and can be adapted to fit your needs.

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