Financial Planning for Single Women & Families with Women

"We specialize in helping women 5-10 years out or into retirement build financial confidence using a comforting and consultative approach. By working in partnership with you, our process for financial planning & investment management will help you get more time and energy back so you can focus on your career, your family, and the next big thing."

Drew Stotler, A.A.M.S.

Founder, Stotler Wealth Management

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<strong>Let's Put An End To Financial FOMO</strong>&#160;

Let's Put An End To Financial FOMO 

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I'm privileged to fulfill several roles in our clients' lives: financial advisor, business coach, planner, and even therapist at times...but all of those roles exist to enhance their lives, not some firm or Wall Street.

Typically women (and men that are planning with women) that are a few years away from or a few years into retirement find the most value in what we provide. 

Why women? I had very strong female influences growing up (and to this day 😉). In my experience women seem to care more about their path toward their goals than their portfolio. They also usually care more about their Return on Life than their Return on Investments. Lastly, most women I've met care more about trust than trading stocks. 

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Let Me Help You:


You handle a LOT...I can help organize your finances and document a plan. 

Budgeting, retirement planning, tax planning, debt reduction... lets do this!

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Markets are unpredictable and technology can lead to rapid changes and turbulence. 

Whether you're a DIY investor or you prefer to delegate that part of your finances, we're equipped to partner with you. 

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Returns are great, but health is wealth. We help you keep focus on the bigger picture.  

Through education, collaboration, and pleasant persistence, we'll help make sure you are pursuing what matters most. 

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Change jobs or retire? Recently divorced or experience a sudden loss?

We've helped guide hundreds of families though numerous challenges like these and we're equipped to serve. 

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What is Wealth Management?

There’s some mystique as to what wealth or wealth management is. Wealth management can mean different things to different people.

I believe wealth management means using a consultative approach to identify your most important goals, then developing strategies using money and other financial instruments as a tool to achieve those goals.

Simple enough, right? Well, to put it simply: I help people avoid making mistakes with their money.

Here’s how I think about wealth management:

Who We Serve

My clients prefer to simplify their financial lives so they can spend more time doing things they love.

Typically our clients are families and business owners, with a good majority of them being women.

I can help people from all walks of life, but typically these kinds of people find the most value from my services.

<strong>Young <br />Professionals</strong>


Meet Mike & Katie
<b>Established <br />Entrepreneurs</b>


Meet Rachel
<b>In or Nearing <br />Retirement</b>

In or Nearing

Meet Dan & Nancy
<b>Suddenly <br />Single</b>


Meet Margaret

Dynamic Foundational Financial Planning

We start with your distinct situation and work from there. Your financial plan is customized based on where you are now and what you want for the future.

The Elephant in the Room: Cost

We strive to keep things simple so we've simplified our options:

Ongoing Financial Planning

Ongoing Financial Planning

Initial Plan Creation Fee: $1,200 (paid in the first year only)

Ongoing costs vary by complexity, but here are some averages:

  • Single individuals: $250-$400/month
  • Couples: $375-$625/month
  • Businesses: $650-$800/month

*Discount available if annual cost is paid in full

*You will receive an exact quote after our initial call

*One-time ONLY plan creation fee: $3,000

*Investment Management discount available with financial planning engagement

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Investment Management

Investment Management

$0-$500,000 = 1.25%

$500,001-$1,000,000 = 1%

$1,000,001-$2,000,000 = .85%

$2,000,001-$5,000,000 = .50%

$5,000,001-$15,000,000 = .25%

$15,000,001 and above = Negotiable

*You will receive an exact quote after our initial call

*Investment Management discount available with financial planning engagement

Get Customized Pricing

Join the Waitlist 

Sometimes we have a wait list to onboard new clients. We know that can be frustrating, but feel free to join our waitlist and you'll be kept informed. You'll also be among the first to know when spaces open up.

Send an email to: drew.stotler@lpl.com with the subject line "Wait List," and receive confirmation of your request, good for 6 months.

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